Quality :

We confirm our commitment to achieving a consistent level of quality and reliability for all services and systems provided by B.I.C.S. Fireproofing that will meet the expectations and standards set by our clients.

That these levels of quality and reliability will be in accordance with and conform to internationally accepted standards such as ISO 9003.

That B.I.C.S. Fireproofing will continually strive towards improving on these standards to the ultimate benefit of both client and company alike, in a competitive and cost effective manner.

Certification :

Fire Resistance is not a property of an individual product or material but a measure of the performance of a complete system including frame work, fixings and all other components when subjected to a recognised heating regime.

In recognising this B.I.C.S. offers systems that have been tested to applicable standards taking into account such criteria as specific time/temperature curve, orientation, exposure, section size, section factor, site and application conditions.

Tests have been carried out by recognised and approved authorities and written confirmation and proof of this is available on request.