Cellulose Fire

CF1 vermiculite plaster is formulated as a low cost spray applied plaster for structural steelwork on internal applications in commercial buildings.
Most used type of system for concealed steel or in car park areas.

Hydrocarbon Fires

B.I.C.S. manufactures it’s own vermiculite plasters, HC1, for applications in the petrochemical field .
The material has been tested by the SABS in accordance with the “Mobil” fire curve and by Firelab to the NFPA 58 test extended to a two hour duration.
The HC1 plaster can be spray or hand applied to the substrate and is generally trowelled smooth and symmetrical.
Ideal material for external applications such as LPG vessels, chemical plant steel work and cable protection.

Decorative / Acoustic

B.I.C.S. has a range of vermiculite plasters formulated with either gypsum or PPC for use as decorative and acoustic applications.
Textured spray finish can be painted or the base material can be pigmented.