Fire-stopping is general term given to closing of openings penetrating fire rated walls or floors to maintain the integrity of the wall.

It usually consists of a combination of systems specially designed and tested to suit the size of opening and the service passing through it.

Fire ratings of 120 minutes and in some cases greater can be achieved.

Cables are usually coated to prevent spread of flame along their length. In cable tunnels this can be combined with rigid board systems such as Durasteel to create compartmentalisation.

Gap Seal :- Sealing between top of wall and underside of floor slab. Pipe Wraps :- Intumescent wraps installed between PVC pipes and concrete slabs.
Pipe Collars :- Intumescent collars applied around PVC pipes and surface mounted on slabs or walls. Flexible seals :- Seals around cables or pipes where movement can be experienced. Usually consist of mineral wool panels and mastic or intumescent coatings,
Trafficable seals :- Usually for larger openings and consist of framework and vermiculite plasters. Cable Coatings :- Either intumescent or mastic coatings applied directly to cables to limit spread of flame along cables.
Ducting or boxing :- Rigid boards such as Durasteel or Supalux used to for boxes or ducts around cable runs.
Joint sealers :- Silicone, intumescent or foam sealers to seal joints in walls or around small pipes or cable bundles.